We are a small but smart Consultants Team, trying to enrich the lives of businesses and start-ups.


Welcome to Aadhya Consulting. Aadhya Solutions has metamorphosed into Aadhya Consulting to offer its prodigious expertise to needed organizations. With corroborated accomplishments during the last 2 decades of 2000’s and 2010’s in software industry, implementing more than a thousand projects, working with top-notch companies across the world likes of Microsoft, Values Technology, Plasma Solutions, several State Governments in USA and in India.


Sridhar Reddy

Our Chief Consultant - Sridhar Reddy - is and has been the trailblazer of Aadhya since its inception in 2002. A total of 25+ years of professional experience, with cognizance of developing software, starting up new ventures, running multiple business ventures, serving society with NGOs, guiding newbie entrepreneurs, training wannabe IT enthusiasts - Sridhar can be the best bet for any kind of troubleshooting to balance your business.

Primarily a Management Consultant with immeasurable business acumen, Sridhar has got flair knowledge on most of the Microsoft Technologies, JAVA technologies, UI Technologies like Angular JS, React JS, then PHP, and good number of databases.

On a personal note, Sridhar is an absolute honest, ethical, law-abiding person; always having fire in the belly, a father of 2 young kids; a marathon runner leading a high quality healthy life; an MBA graduate from Osmania University, Hyderabad, India; and currently located in India. Please chekct out his LinkedIn profile .


We help you take right software decisions to be successful in the most dynamic business environment to achieve your strategic goals in the best of your interests.

Our consultants are experts in analysing your enterprise to create a business architecture using proven techniques like - MoSCoW, PESTLE, SCRS, VPEC-T, CATWOE, MOST, SWOT etc. Researching extensively to find all feasible software options for your business needs, including make or buy option with a proper CBA & BEP analysis. Our knowledge base of latest technologies helps you decide the best software needed for you.

With Software Consulting, we can help you with gamut of services like - selection of legacy software, development of custom applications either web-based or mobile based, software enhancement, software migration, reverse engineering, third-party tools integration, troubleshooting any issues related to your software.

We endeavor to augment your workforce and productivity with the most valuable and suitable software and applications to deliver best results for your business.


Cumulative of more than 100+ years of expertise of all our consultants together in managing software development projects at various roles from project initiation stage to the project sign-off stage, we can help you in managing any of your software projects either a small scale or very large scale application development project.

Whether it is related to simple static website or an ERP application or Data Analytics or Data Warehousing or complex web-based applications or mobile applications or any other projects - we can troubleshoot any kind of problem with optimum success rate. Whether you follow Agile method or traditional method, whether you got an issue with the project initiation or requirements or design or development or testing or UAT, irrespective of status of your project, we can easily plug-in ourselves to your project and provide best feasible solution to manage your project more efficiently.

We can help you with: reviewing your project team, conduct SWOT analysis of your team members, find out gaps existing, fill them with proper guidance, refine their tasks/deliverables/timelines, guide them to perform as per new tasks, setting up industry standard processes, implementing project control mechanism, change management, risk management, conducting impact analysis, and also help with defects management.

Our main objective with Project Management Consulting is to save your COSTS with our 100+ years of expertise.



Dou you have a great business idea to start and make it big but don’t know how to do that?

Have you been tired of failing in implementing your great ideas?

Having troubles in preparing a perfect Business Plan?

Not able to meet expectations of Venture Capitalists?

Then you are at right place.

As part of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), we offer FREE guidance for bright, young, and enthusiastic people in following areas:

• Registration of firm - for profit, not for profit, NGO, charity
• Help with Business Plans
• Advisory in preparing financial projections
• Guidance in launching your business
• Help in hiring right human resources
• Help with day-to-day managerial tasks
• Guide on Venture Capital Financing
• Trademarks, Patents related advisory
• Help with networking, and marketing your new ideas
• All kinds of non-legal advisory
• Mentor your entire team to succeed
• Help with regulatory compliance
• Help with intellectual property management
• Info on Business Incubators
• Info on platforms like - Crowd Funding, Idea Challenges conducted by Corporates, Government Institutions, NGOs, etc.


End-to-end business advisory to leverage your business strategy to drive your employees, infrastructure, processes, communications, sales, marketing, information technology, finance, supply chain management, security to match highest level industry standards.

Aadhya Consulting can help you with: preparing business plans, strategy action plan maps, market assessments, competitor benchmarking reports, feasibility studies, process mapping, processing engineering, process re-engineering, resource planning, organizational development, digitization, financial analysis, financial planning, budgeting, contracts, bidding for new projects, pricing and margin analysis, working capital and cash flow planning and also with exit strategies, alternative and contingency plans.

Our main objective is to enhance your company to Six Sigma standard organization.

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